Goes beyond seasonality

We firmly believe that investment decisions should not be based on emotions, but on
robust empirical analysis.


Seasonax Capital is an innovative investment boutique offering specialized investment products to institutional investors and high net worth individuals. The company's investment strategies are based on empirically supported investment decisions using a clearly defined set of rules to increase the probability of achieving strong returns.

The company has developed a number of different strategies including:

  • An award winning commodity trading strategy
  • An award winning seasonal stock market trading strategy


Seasonax Capital provides the analytical foundation for investment decisions and risk management techniques.

Through our unique trading systems which are based on algorithms and complex data analytics, we identify market anomalies which have hitherto been largely overlooked and were left unexploited. Our in-house developed strategies open up new market segments for investors. They have proven high scalability potential across different market sectors and offer a high degree of diversification with reduced risk while boosting long term profits.

The combination of pattern recognition and sophisticated execution strategies allows us to optimize institutional portfolios beyond the generally known extent.

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